At that time it became sort of surreal.

  Surprisingly, it was easy and high tech too! I was then in Jakarta, and I dreaded the fact that I had to go downtown to go the Cambodian embassy, and deal with bureaucratic whatnot, and very possibly take the whole day just to submit the application.

  Considering how easy they make visitors go to see Angkor Wat, its no wonder that tourism is increasing rapidly.

  After being thoroughly relieved that I didnt have to make that hellish trip downtown to the Cambodia embassy, I quickly set my affairs in order by applying online for the said electronic Cambodia Visa. So I was flabbergasted. How amazing is that?

  I submitted my completed application online in the morning, and less than 2 hours later, I got an email saying that both our visa applications were approved, and that all we needed to do now was print the file that they sent, and bring that to the immigration. I got a Cambodian Visa, without leaving my home, without talking to a bureaucrat, without whipping out my credit card!

  That was the first great experience with Cambodia; a good omen that Id be having lots of fun in Cambodia, and I did.

  .On our first visit to Cambodia, I got the responsibility of getting the Cambodia visa, both for me and for my brother. That was my first encounter seeing Paypal being used in a serious government business matter.

  In addition to accepting credit card for visa fee payment, they also accept Paypal. Since then Ive also applied for the visa upon arrival, and while thats also a simple and straightforward business (I applied at the airport, not the border), I liked the convenience of the e visa better.

  The next amazing thing that I encountered was how fast it was processed. Armed with the visa printout upon arrival, I had no need to wait in line and stay around waiting for it to be processed.

  I dont know whether I should be happy or scared. Then, what I noticed immediately was how lax and easy the requirements were. It was too easy to be true, and whats even more bizarre was that it really was true and legitimate. Bring a printed visa to the Cambodian immigration? Would they even let me enter the county?

  Then another thing amazed me (this whole visa business was a series of amazement to me). Not to mention the traffic to downtown and back, and not to socks machine mention that Id have to do the whole trip once more to pick up the visa, if I get it. So fast that I doubt a human actually looked at the application, and that all the way through it was some machine processing the visa.

  It was basically just to fill a form, upload a photo, pay the fee, and wait for approval.

  What in the world? First of all, Cambodia isnt a developed country, and as far as I know, very few developed country offer such a thing called e visa